We combine our in-depth knowledge with astute market awareness and global reach.

We provide our clients with full automation of wealth management experience harnessed the power of Machine Learning and Quantitative Algorithms.

Built on Artificial Intelligence and Sophisticated Quantitative Models.

TradingValley utilizes different kinds of AI algorithms to compose diversified and low-risk portfolios across ETFs and stocks. No matter you are a naive investors or a sophisticated trader, we’ve built an automated strategy suits you best.


Invest in thousands of companies, globally

Our algorithms scans thousands of stocks and ETFs on the daily basis, and find the optimal assets to include in your portfolio.

We have automatic ways to increase your returns.
Chasing the market just is not one of them.

There are some things that we do for your in long-term investing. We believe that’s where the opportunities for consistently growing wealth lie.

Monitor market pulse

We watch closely on whats happening in the global economy, and uses machine learning algorithms to analyze massive financial data, predict and adjust portfolios weights timely in order to grow and protect your wealth.

Manage your risk

We tailor a well diversified portfolio that caters your risk tolerance and financial goals. so no more overtrade yourself, or endure risk with too much anxiety. Your investment should neutrally reflect the risk you’re willing to take.

Minimize your fees

Stop paying crazily expensive fees for any financial instruments or services.They compound over time and eat your returns. At TradingValley, we only charge less than 1% annual management fee.

Power of Machine Learning

Several predictor team up as our market researcher, analyzing the market data at all times. They help us come up with the short-term market prediction and dynamically allocate our investment.

Market Data

Core Financial Data

Economic Data

Derived Data

Random Forest

Lasso Regression




Invest across the world.

Your TradingValley portfolio is dynamically allocate to both developed and emerging markets. We strive for helping you generate consistent returns in any market environments.

TradingValley takes care of every aspect of your investment. So you can spend more time on something you truly love.

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